How to Live With Change and Yourself

Change is not easy for most of us. We like our comfort zones. Change often represents uncertainty. With uncertainty comes doubt, angst, worry and worse. When we chose change, we feel in control. Just think about starting a new job or making the decision to move on professionally. You feel empowered initially but true to say … Continue reading How to Live With Change and Yourself

Stop Selling, Start Giving

Just checking in to see how your week is shaping up? UK in lock down mode and here, as well as all over the world, we are coming to terms with home working,. Some of us are struggling to use the office, as kids, who are being taught online beat us to it… I hear stories … Continue reading Stop Selling, Start Giving

Testing Positive for Positivity

So here we are, a couple of weeks on from the cancellation of ITB Berlin and we’re even deeper into one of the biggest challenges ever faced by not only the travel industry but also the wider world. Initial concerns and frustration around big event cancellations, fewer bookings and stock market have been put into … Continue reading Testing Positive for Positivity

More than gender: Why travel tech companies need to hire diverse talent

Travel is, broadly speaking, a worldwide phenomenon, and it follows that the technology supporting travelers and suppliers is similarly global. But global by definition implies inclusivity and diversity – for something to be global, everyone must be allowed to participate on equal terms. Can we really describe the travel technology industry as inclusive and diverse? … Continue reading More than gender: Why travel tech companies need to hire diverse talent

Women’s Leadership Initiative

WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE – PHOCUSWRIGHT AMSTERDAM MAY 14Th 2019   I am tremendously excited and proud to have been asked to be a mentor at the forthcoming Phocuswright Women’s Leadership Initiative Forum.  This is an essential session for men and women to explore what technology companies need to thrive in the future. Along with a … Continue reading Women’s Leadership Initiative

Technology Tours & Activities – most exciting part of the travel industry

Charlotte Lamp  Davies, Principal Consultant at A Bright Approach,  who moderated the inaugural Technology, tours and Activities  (TTA) Forum at this year’s ITB Berlin shares her observations with us from an eventful afternoon. One of the highlights of my new career as an independent consultant was when I was invited to host and moderate the … Continue reading Technology Tours & Activities – most exciting part of the travel industry

How to retain tech talent

Charlotte Lamp Davies, principal consultant at A Bright Approach, offers her take on how travel businesses can attract and keep skilled IT workers. Those of us involved in travel tech hear lots about choosing the right APIs, user interfaces and the correct inventory and content. But what about getting the right people? And once you’ve … Continue reading How to retain tech talent

Women in Tech

An educational focus to attract young women to life sciences has in my view not been particularly successful. You wonder if there even is a focus to change/develop perceptions of educational choices in certain schools and universities. If in focus and addressed it would play a major part in women’s career choices from an early … Continue reading Women in Tech

Networking – Why Bother?

As another successful European @Phocuswright conference 2018 wraps up I wish to highlight the (obvious) importance of networking events. Everyone I met, new and old contacts, were happy to engage, exchange views & thoughts (whether for business or not).  Meaningful partnerships begin when we meet and keep seeing each other sustains established ones. When you … Continue reading Networking – Why Bother?

CTO Question Time

This year’s CTO Question Time at the UK’s foremost travel technology event, Travel Technology Europe (TTE), saw standing room only, with yours truly moderating a lively discussion in which travel tech leaders expressed absolute confidence in the ability of their companies to be GDPR compliant by the May 25th deadline, but also their greatest, most … Continue reading CTO Question Time

Inspirational Woman

A multi linguist, Charlotte’s career has spanned sales, marketing and event management for eighteen years. She has worked across several industries, including international media, oil and petrochemicals, before moving to the travel sector, where she launched the online travel brand Travolution for Reed Business Information, and later worked as new business director at Conrad Advertising, … Continue reading Inspirational Woman

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