How to Live With Change and Yourself

Change is not easy for most of us. We like our comfort zones. Change often represents uncertainty. With uncertainty comes doubt, angst, worry and worse.

When we chose change, we feel in control. Just think about starting a new job or making the decision to move on professionally. You feel empowered initially but true to say that on the day of starting the new job, your excitement will be tinged with worry and trepidation because of the uncertainty. The unknown. The change you so wanted, comes suddenly with many emotions of uncertainty.

When change is thrust upon us, it comes with its own trepidation.

We did certainly not choose the current situation. We have all been thrown into uncertainty and now scrutinise ways to “survive” financially and equally importantly, mentally.

For some, this will be the most devastating time in their lives ever, which I don’t dispute for a minute, but Humans have endured much worse than this. Can we use this knowledge to our advantage? Can we draw on survivor’s tales of past? I strongly argue yes. We can find strength in knowing that others have been here before, have survived and eventually thrived again.

And now to the point of my ramblings.

Be less scared, be braver. Accept what’s happening, see if you can find the possibilities in the current situation and accept a (possible) new beginning for yourself and/or your career. Maybe it is time? I mean not to come across all “guru” like (and no offence to gurus) but I merely pose the observation that we can all learn from this what we will. Why not give every aspect of your life, be it personally or professionally, the attention it deserves? You have the time to do so right now.

What have you embraced during lock down? What positives do you take with you from the situation? Would you maintain certain routines now part of your daily life, going forward? Do you (really) want to go back and do things the way you did before? Questions are endless.. 

Anyway, I mean not to preach anything to anyone but maybe like me you think a little deeper about the future, it’s possibilities and what’s of importance to you, truly, deeply. Or not 😊

Stay well.

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