Stop Selling, Start Giving

Just checking in to see how your week is shaping up?

UK in lock down mode and here, as well as all over the world, we are coming to terms with home working,. Some of us are struggling to use the office, as kids, who are being taught online beat us to it…

I hear stories of households working on laptops from different rooms coming together for meals and chats at regular intervals during the day. I hear people are coping and adding humour where possible, but I also hear fearful reports, from Italy, USA and France especially, and as the scale of COVID-19 grows, so do our anxieties. 

From a business perspective, I sense many companies have been able to cater for the new circumstances and I have heard many positive anecdotes of how employees feel supported, looked after and optimistic despite so many uncertainties. I hear of many companies which are driving positive messages internally, despite being faced with many difficult decisions.

Make no mistake about it, however, these are very challenging times (I have stopped using the word unprecedented as it no longer does the situation justice, but then, which word does?). I am nothing if not realistic and straight-talking and I urge everyone to think about what value they can bring their customers and network right now. Many companies are offering help and advice for free, including A Bright Approach. Webinars and online panel discussions are a great way to interact with customers and prospects and to deliver crucial insight and expertise.  Bringing clients and colleagues together to discuss strategies, next steps and to support each other are essential for all of us right now. Think carefully about giving, not selling.

Routine and discipline continue to be key for my mental wellbeing, along with exercise. I have shared detailed thoughts with some of you in recent days and I’m always happy to share more widely and offer words of optimism. Inevitably we will all have to make some sacrifices. If we all do our part, employees and employers alike we have a better chance of getting out the other side together. I urge employees to be flexible. I urge employers to be fair and lead by example.

Stay safe, and if you have the head space to think about what you want to adjust or do differently once we reach the end of this – now is the time. Both from a personal and professional perspective. Take a moment to stop and allow the thoughts to flow.   Rather than panic you, you might find it will soothe you and give you a better focus.

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