Women’s Leadership Initiative


I am tremendously excited and proud to have been asked to be a mentor at the forthcoming Phocuswright Women’s Leadership Initiative Forum. 

This is an essential session for men and women to explore what technology companies need to thrive in the future.

Along with a review of Phocuswright’s Gender Parity Survey 2018 data and insights, we’ll delve into the ecosystem of travel technology, innovation and distribution leadership to identify the skills and attributes most needed in the space.

Only 30% of survey respondents rate gender parity in the travel industry above “adequate.” And there is much room for growth with respect to leadership roles: 42% disagreed that leadership opportunities are equally available to all employees, and a whopping 76% cited the absence of a leadership track as the number one obstacle.

The session features Phocuswright LeadHER Mentors, advocates for internal initiatives who share what they are doing to connect and encourage female advancement into leadership in their own companies and throughout the industry. We’ll then break into a workshop format to discuss how innovation, creative thinking and strong leadership can ensure that we are positioned to grow into the future with our best and brightest.

Please do contact me if you are attending the Phocuswright conference and would like to join us. Remember, men and women are equally welcome. Let us support each other and get the conversation going.

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