Networking – Why Bother?

As another successful European @Phocuswright conference 2018 wraps up I wish to highlight the (obvious) importance of networking events. Everyone I met, new and old contacts, were happy to engage, exchange views & thoughts (whether for business or not).  Meaningful partnerships begin when we meet and keep seeing each other sustains established ones. When you have an understanding of each other, can can share a little humour, exchange business views and news and you look forward to spending time with each other. You seek each others company because you know you’ll come away with something positive. It might not always be a business proposition or a new project, but it’ll be a positive interaction none the less. You may share something news worthy, a joke, a compliment. You can’t establish this exact rapport through e-mail. This all happens when you interact IRL with someone.

So, stop e-mailing for a little while, get out there and speak to your future partners and customers. It’s a win-win scenario. It’s an investment and it may take a little time. You might even find it a little awkward at first but if you like people it’ll work out.

No amount of #AI or adorable #robots can yet network as well as us humans – we are still one step ahead, just. Don’t miss your change to be seen and heard. Dont miss your chance to learn something new face to face. I reckon this last statement will resonate with a few people I caught up with over the last 3 days. You know who you are – the pleasure was entirely mine.

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